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Best Head and Neck Clinic in California

A head and neck clinic can provide you with peace of mind.

It's normally not necessary to visit the best head and neck clinic in California if you have a common infection or a minor injury or irritation. But there are more serious issues that should be evaluated by the kind of physicians likely to be at your service when you visit a high-quality head and neck clinic.

Below are five of the most common reasons patients are often referred to a first-rate medical facility specializing in head and neck conditions.

1. Head and Neck Cancer

Some head and neck cancers are related to the human papillomavirus (HPV), while others are the result of long-term exposure to tobacco, sunlight, and harmful chemicals. Most forms of cancer are more likely to be manageable, treatable, or curable when detected in the early stages. For this reason, referrals to the best head and neck clinic in California are often made if patients are experiencing symptoms that may include:

  • An unexplained lump in the neck
  • Mouth sores
  • Voice changes
  • Trouble swallowing without pain
  • Chronic earaches or pain

2. Jaw Pain

Sometimes, the source of jaw pain is a toothache or sudden trauma from a hard fall or impact. Other times, the jaw can become tight or a source of pain because of problems with the temporomandibular joints that allow the mouth to open and close. If a TMJ disorder is suspected, a specialist at the best head and neck clinic in California may perform tests to check for arthritis or other underlying conditions that could be affecting the cartilage that supports and protects these joints.

3. Facial Injuries, Disorders, or Pain

Facial weakness combined with pain that's relegated to one side of the face may be a sign of Bell's palsy or a similar facial nerve disorder. Because conditions like this are often diagnosed by eliminating other possible sources of symptoms first, a visit to the best head and neck clinic in California can allow patients to be thoroughly evaluated. Treatment can also be provided for patients with facial issues due to injury, deformities present at birth, stroke, tumors, or serious infections.

4. Thyroid and Gland Disorders

Millions of Americans are affected by thyroid and gland disorders. Some conditions are specifically related to problems with one or more of the salivary glands in and around the mouth, throat, and ears. Located in the lower neck, the thyroid gland controls sweating, heart rate, and many other physiological functions. So, any imbalances with this gland's activity may result in increased fatigue, lack of energy, or muscle weakness. Head and neck specialists are trained to diagnose and treat problems with an over-active (hyperthyroidism) or under-active (hypothyroidism) thyroid, or one that's enlarged (goiter).

5. Head and Neck Trauma

Patients with significant head and neck trauma may be referred to a top-quality head and neck clinic. Depending on the nature and location of the trauma, surgery may be performed to restore function and appearance in certain parts of the head or neck area.

Visiting the best head and neck clinic in California doesn't mean your regular doctor won't have a say in your treatment. In fact, doctors and specialists at a top-notch head and neck facility often consider input from primary care physicians when reviewing a patient's medical history and looking at responses to previously attempted treatments. As for what types of treatment may be recommended, options typically range from periodic observation, medication, and therapy to surgery performed with minimally invasive techniques.