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Best ENT Clinic in Los Angeles - UC Irvine Department of Otolaryngology

Best ENT Clinic in Los Angeles

A team of ENT professionals can help you to manage a wide range of symptoms.

Not every ear, nose, and throat problem you may experience will require a visit to a specialist. However, for times when problems are causing lingering or severe symptoms or having an impact on your ability to hear, taste, swallow, or speak, you might benefit from the type of care typically provided at an ear, nose, and throat clinic.

Here are some reasons why you may visit the best ENT clinic in Los Angeles.

Severe Allergy and Sinus Problems

Seasonal allergies may be manageable by avoiding known triggers. However, some allergy symptoms become so severe and disruptive that it's time to seek treatment at the best ENT clinic in Los Angeles. Sometimes assumed to be allergies, sinus problems can also result in a "stuffed up" feeling and affect the ability to breathe and smell. An ENT clinic typically treats the following allergy and sinus problems:

  • Asthma affected by allergies
  • Chronic sinus infections (sinusitis)
  • Related throat irritations
  • Severe sinus congestion

Ear, Nose, or Throat Infections

It's often middle ear infections that require attention from an otolaryngologist (ENT doctor). Children may experience earaches from fluid buildup in their eardrums that needs to be drained or recurring infections. Ear infections in both children and adults are sometimes a sign of serious health problems that should also be addressed.

Bacterial nasal infections requiring medical attention may include nasal furuncles that sometimes spread below the skin (cellulitis). It's tonsil or adenoid infections that typically affect the throat. If medication isn't effective, infected tissues may be removed.

ENT Structural Defects/Deformities

The best ENT clinic in Los Angeles is one that's prepared to treat and resolve ear, nose, and throat problems related to structural problems. For instance, a nasal septum may become deviated due to a sports-related injury or because of a gradual worsening of an existing defect.

Many ear deformities serious enough to require corrective surgery at an ENT clinic are ones that were present at birth (congenital). Corrective inner or outer ear surgery may also be necessary to improve or restore hearing. Chromosomal abnormalities of the throat are most likely to affect the larynx. Structural defects might also need to be corrected following surgery for tumor removal related to head and neck cancer or benign growths.

Voice or Swallowing Issues

With vocal polyps and nodules, medication and speech therapy may be the first attempts at treatment. Surgical removal of growths is sometimes the best solution. With swallowing difficulties, a barium swallow test is usually performed at an ENT clinic to help diagnosis the source of the problem so appropriate treatments can be recommended.

Patients usually begin their search for the best ENT clinic in Los Angeles after first going to their primary care physician. While it is possible for a general practitioner to successfully treat or manage some ENT problems, a clinic provides access to specialists with a broad range of in-depth experience with the various conditions, diseases, and ailments that can affect most of the senses. The best ENT clinic in Los Angeles is also likely to be one that provides access to some of the latest technology, which can further help with diagnostic and treatment efforts.