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Best ENT Hospital in United States - UC Irvine Department of Otolaryngology

Best ENT Hospital in United States

The best ENT hospital in United States is a place where patients can receive comprehensive care for any condition affecting the ear, nose, or throat.

These conditions can include the many diseases and disorders that may affect the ears or hearing abilities, the nose and nearby sinus cavities, the mouth or throat, and various related parts within the head and neck.

The physicians and specialists you'll meet at an ENT facility can perform the thorough examinations and advanced diagnostic testing required to make patient-specific treatment recommendations. Below are the most common types of care provided at an ENT hospital.

Hearing Loss and Ear Conditions

A minor ear infection (otitis media) usually responds well to antibiotics. It's untreated or chronic ear infections that may contribute to inflammation of a bone next to the ear (mastoiditis), eardrum perforation, meningitis, or Meniere's disease (in adults). Medical and surgical treatment at the best ENT hospital in United States is also available for ear conditions that include:

  • Ear noise (tinnitus)
  • Certain cranial nerve disorders
  • Balance disorders
  • Inner ear inflammation (labyrinthitis)

Abnormal middle ear bone growth (otosclerosis) is just one of several possible causes of hearing loss that may be treated at an ENT hospital. Testing can also be done to determine the extent of childhood or adult hearing loss and whether not a hearing aid may help.

Sinus Infections, Allergies, and Nasal Deformities or Obstructions

Swollen or infected linings of the sinuses can result chronic sinusitis, another term for serious, recurring sinus infections. If medication isn't entirely effective, allergy shots (immunotherapy) may be suggested. Specialized instruments can be used by ENT doctors to view the nasal cavity or sinuses to identify possible structural defects, growths, or obstructions. With allergies, testing done at the best ENT hospital in United States can pinpoint triggers and fine-tune treatment and symptom management recommendations.

Throat and Thyroid Problems

Should medication fail to effectively manage issues related to a thyroid that's overactive (hyperthyroidism), a thyroidectomy may be done to remove all or part of this gland. This surgical procedure may also be performed if tissues in the thyroid gland are confirmed to be cancerous or suspected of being malignant. Vocal polyps and nodules can also be evaluated to resolve problems with recurring hoarseness, chronic throat irritations, and vocal quality. Treatment is also available for issues with other head and neck glands, including lymph glands and salivary glands.

ENT Surgical Procedures

It's increasingly common for surgical procedures performed by ENT specialists to involve minimally invasive techniques, whenever possible. Surgery performed may also involve the removal of tissues affected by superficial cancers like squamous cell carcinoma, tonsil and adenoid removal, and surgical incisions in the eardrum to promote drainage (myringotomy). If cancer is suspected in the head and neck area, a biopsy may be done to test tissues. Nose-related abnormalities are sometimes corrected with nasal septum surgery (septoplasty). Obstructive tissues affecting sinus openings are sometimes removed with endoscopic sinus surgery (ESS).

Your search for the best ENT hospital in United States leads you to a top-notch facility that's right for your needs. Take comfort in knowing that you'll have convenient access to many different types of care, not just surgical options. With any of the treatments available at an ear, nose, and throat hospital, the ultimate goal is to improve quality of life and restore normal functioning of the various structures that allow for optimal hearing, smelling, breathing, digestion, eating, swallowing, speaking, singing, and balance.