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Resident Conference Schedule

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds conferences are held each week on Wednesday afternoons. The Grand Rounds are divided into two separate but interwoven sessions. The first is a Resident sponsored didactic session and the second is the formal Department grand rounds.

The ‘resident grand rounds; are organized by and presented by the residents, and is intended to supplement the didactic sessions provided elsewhere by the department. These meetings are intended to be more informal than the departmental Grand Rounds, encouraging resident interaction and participation. Resident physicians present during this meeting on a rotating schedule. This protected time from clinical duties may be spent reviewing topics for the annual Otolaryngology inservice training examination, as well as the actual Otolaryngology Board Exam. Alternatively resident physicians may use the time to practice presenting before formal meetings and to present interesting or special cases. The topics are related to and chosen in conjunction with the topic of the academic quartile.

Departmental Grand Rounds are held from 5 to 6 PM each Wednesday evening. Guest speakers from different disciplines and institutions are invited to present information as it relates to Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery. These formal sessions include demonstrations, multimedia presentations, and interactive discussions. This schedule alternates with a once monthly morbidity and mortality conference. Residents are encourage to participate and use this time to enhance their education. Click here for the conference schedule.

Head & Neck Tumor Board

A weekly tumor board is held at the University of California Irvine Medical Center in which a multidisciplinary team of specialists including head & neck surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, head & neck pathologists, and head & neck radiologists discuss the care of patients with head and neck cancer. Resident physicians are responsible for the presentation of cases to this group of physicians. Patients are initially interviewed and examined by the multidisciplinary team. Following this physicians meet in a conference room where an otolaryngology resident presents the history and treatement options for each individual patient.

Pediatric Otolaryngology Conference

A monthly pediatric Otolaryngology conference is held on the morning of the first Thursday of the month. It is attended by all the residents and the pediatric otolaryngologist on the faculty who are based at the Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC). This is an opportunity for residents and staff to discuss the management of common and complex pediatric otolaryngology conditions.

Pathology Conference

Pathology conference occurs monthly, in the Department of pathology using a multi-headed microscope, where interesting and unusual head and neck pathology cases are reviewed with a pathologist. The conference is held in a room in which every resident observer has his own microscope viewer and can point to pathology and describe it for the senior pathology-observer-teacher.

Neuro-Radiology Conference

Head and Neck Radiology conferences occur each month in a dedicated Grand Rounds session designed to promote the residents' education by presenting interesting patient cases and displaying relevant radiographic studies. Dr. Anton Hasso, Director of Neuroradiology of the Department of Radiology and recent Dr. Jason Handwerker, lead these sessions.

Temporal Bone Dissection Laboratory

The main temporal bone laboratory for the training program is a state-of-the-art, three station, video equipped microvascular and temporal bone laboratory. Temporal bones are procured for this laboratory from the Department of Anatomy at UC Irvine. Residents perform temporal bone dissections at the laboratories whenever they desire (the labs are always open to residents) and in 4 yearly sessions supervised by Dr. Hamid Djalilian A second, smaller laboratory is located at the Long Beach VA Medical Center.

Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Conference

Each month, a three hour conference dedicated to instruction in facial plastic & reconstructive surgery is provided to the residents and community otolaryngologists. These sessions are both clinical and didactic. Patients are presented to the conference when they illustrate a particularly complex or difficult clinical problem. In addition, lectures are delivered on subjects related to facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. The goal of this conference is to supplement the plastic surgery education provided elsewhere in the resident experience.

Vascular Malformations Conference

A monthly vascular malformations conference is held at the Beckman Laser Institute under the direction of Brian Wong M.D. Ph.D. and Stuart Nelson, M.D.

Journal Club

Journal Club is a resident-led session, meeting approximately 3-4 times per academic year. Classic or otherwise timely and interesting articles are presented and discussed by the residents with faculty facilitation of discussion. The meetings are held in informal settings, often over dinner in a local venue. These meetings serve to broaden the educational experience of the residents, as well as increase camaraderie among the residents and faculty. Weekly Journal Club meetings are held at the laboratory of Dr. Fan-Gang Zeng. Residents on the otology research rotation attend.

Academic Meetings

Residents are strongly encouraged to attend and present papers at national and regional academic meetings. The department provides financial assistance to support resident travel to major regional and national meetings.