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Best Head and Neck Clinic in United States - UC Irvine Department of Otolaryngology

Best Head and Neck Clinic in the United States

Otolaryngologists specialize in helping their patients with a wide variety of illnesses and injuries in the head and neck region.

They are also commonly referred to as head and neck doctors or ENT specialists. If you are suffering from anything from tonsillitis to throat cancer, your primary doctor will most likely refer you to the best head and neck clinic in the United States.

If you are unsure about whether or not an ENT is the right specialist for what you are suffering from, below are some of the more common conditions they treat and specialize in.

Ear Conditions

ENTs are experts in both surgical and medical management of ear conditions. If you are suffering from chronic ear infections, hearing impairment, tinnitus, affected balance or other issues, your local ENT will be able to help. Any pain or discomfort in this area that won't go away after a few days should be checked out.

Nose Conditions

There are a variety of nose conditions that head and neck doctors can diagnose and treat. Any issues with breathing, smelling, or structural appearance of your nose, sinuses or nasal cavity may be treated by your trusted ENT specialist.

Throat Conditions

Any problems that a patient might have with swallowing, singing, speaking, or eating can be looked at by an ENT. They can also help patients diagnose digestion issues. For chronic issues, your head and neck doctor may also be able to manage conditions that are not able to be fully healed.

Head And Neck Related Conditions

ENT specialists are trained how to manage traumas, diseases, tumors, and deformities located in the face, head, and neck area of patients. Many ENTs take extra surgical courses to learn how to perform reconstructive and cosmetic surgical procedures. If there are nerve issues in the neck or head causing problems, your ENT specialist can help treat the nerve condition is if it is causing hearing, smelling, sight, or facial movement issues.

Head And Neck Cancer Treatment

Otolaryngologists can also diagnose and treat cancer found in a patient’s neck, face, or head. If found early, most cancers in these areas can be treated. While fully eliminating the cancer is the top priority, ENTs will also have goals of treating and preserving the functions of nearby organs, nerves, and tissues. When the team of doctors comes together to formulate a patient's treatment plan, they will consider how each treatment could affect the patient's quality of life.

The doctors will determine how any type of treatment will affect the way a patient looks, feels, talks and breathes. Typically, doctors will choose between radiation therapy, surgery, chemotherapy and targeted therapy options. Radiation therapy and surgery may be a part of a patient's treatment plan. When choosing the type of treatment to use, the doctors involved will consider many factors including side effects, the patient's treatment preference, type and stage of the cancer and the overall health of the patient. When the cancer is found in its early stages, a laser might be used for more targeted treatment.